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Why Kindness Matters

Do you really get what being kind means? Can you clearly explain kindness and why it is so important to your children? (It’s not just about keeping the peace in the house!). Hear some biblical points of being kind and why it matters in the day-to-day interactions. It takes courage to be kind when it matters most!

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Watch that Ego! Lessons in Humility

This episode we focus on humility:
why teaching and practicing humility is important; watching our ego;
resisting the temptation to compare, especially with siblings, and not trying to be better than others;
how we can give gentle reminders to make our children aware of being humble.

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The Focus of Family Faith

It can be a challenge to give the time and focus to your faith life, but as a mom it is just as important to guide your children in developing their faith as well. Hear some ideas from Christine and Steph about how they focus on their faith (and where they are a bit unfocused) for their own spiritual growth and the growth of their kids.

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The Startup Story

Hear from the creators of Firing up Faith and Family about why they encourage other moms in their many roles and responsibilities. This short introduction to Christine and Steph and the podcast will be a sneak peek into some of the future episodes and what these work-from-home, homeschooling mothers and wives are up to. See …

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Podcast welcome and introducation