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Let it Go – Because God Did!

Hear Steph and Christine share some scripture-based perspectives on forgiveness the way God intended. Be encouraged with some insight on whether we forgive and forget, what forgiveness can be like to give and to receive, teaching forgiveness to your children and direction on forgiving yourself.

monkey stare - asking for forgiveness

Why Kindness Matters

Do you really get what being kind means? Can you clearly explain kindness and why it is so important to your children? (It’s not just about keeping the peace in the house!). Hear some biblical points of being kind and why it matters in the day-to-day interactions. It takes courage to be kind when it matters most!

two bunnies cuddling

Watch that Ego! Lessons in Humility

This episode we focus on humility:
why teaching and practicing humility is important; watching our ego;
resisting the temptation to compare, especially with siblings, and not trying to be better than others;
how we can give gentle reminders to make our children aware of being humble.

Owl - Face shot

Serious Fun with Scriptures

God definitely wants us to keep the bible in our thoughts and one of the best ways to do that is to make learning scripture fun and a family affair! Listen in to get some easy options to get your kids speaking God’s Word. 

boy laughing with bible on lap