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Socialization—It’s Not What You Think!

Does public school offer an appropriate environment for healthy socialization? Homeschooling moms Christine and Steph share their perspectives on the poor social setting of institutional settings, like schools, and the rewarding responsibility of parents guiding the social growth of their children.    Talking Points What socialization really means Definition: the process of learning to behave […]

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I Know Who I Am

Another testimony talk with guest Stephanie Acorn, who shares a major pivot point in her faith and how God provided for her in a time of great transition. You’ll be encouraged to move forward with whatever you may be dealing with to gain a new perspective on who you are in Christ.  “God knows what

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Walk with God

Raising children in the way they should go takes more than we have naturally. With a steadfast faith in our heavenly father, we can be an overcomer in every parenting challenge. But only when our relationship with God comes first. We can pour all our time into nurturing our children, but if we don’t have

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