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Working from Home – Thinking Outside the Box

Bringing in an income is a necessity for many moms, and even if not a necessity, a career can be the way we impact others for Christ and feel more fulfilled as an individual. Working from home is more popular and more possible than it ever was and there are many ways to use work to benefit your family.

Christine and Steph, both work-from-home business moms, share some of their experiences working from home and how they inspire others to embrace an entrepreneurial life for the benefit of their family. 

Not sure what you should do as a business? Go through this 3 Step Process – Uncover Your Vision and Purpose –

Points to consider:

  • Do what you love – find opportunities to make and sell or do what you love doing
  • Find the balance, we don’t live by a checklist so we can be flexible – working too much is not good.
  • Embrace working in the kitchen/living room with your kids
  • Habits to inspire and strengthen – 


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